Dark Triumph Book Review


(I will be reviewing the paperback version of Dark Triumph (the one with the arrow pointed at it))

Number of pages: 385

Time it took me to read: 4 days

Rating (out of five stars): 4

Dark Triumph starts at some point near the end of Grave Mercy, although, Dark Triumph is in the point of view of Sybella, a character who is introduced in the first book. Sybella’s story is a fair bit sadder than Ismae’s and I truly did feel badly for her, I just wish there had been more detail (again) so that I could really feel what Sybella was feeling. Dark Triumph was not only far less predictable than Grave Mercy, but it also tugged at my heartstrings, making me ultimately enjoy it.

The cover was not really all that appealing and the copy I had bent really easily. I don’t think that this book was worth purchasing at $13.29 on Chapters (I am a plum rewards member) because of its poor quality.

Overall, I did like Dark Triumph. It was interesting and sad and ultimately made me want to keep reading. While Dark Triumph will never be my favorite book because of some issues that I can’t get over (such as the lack of detail), I give it 4 out of five stars.

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