Hearts at Stake Book Review

Hearts at Stake

(I read this book in Ruling Passion which contains the first three books in the Drake chronicles series)

Ruling Passion

Number of pages: 248

Time it took me to read: 2 days

Rating (out of five stars): 4.5

“Do we have a plan?”

“We fight like hell”

“Good plan” (Hearts at stake, page 232)

I love this series, and I love this book. If you know me in person and you like to read, I have probably told you about this series at least five times, which coincidentally is the number of times I’ve read this book. I’ve never found a series I enjoy more. For me, Harry Potter and other popular book series have nothing on the Drake family (the family the book revolves around).

Hearts at stake is not my favorite book in the series, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love it. Hearts at stake has that dry, sarcastic humour that I love with a little romance thrown in. Even after reading it at least five times, I still laugh, hold my breath and go through every emotion I went through the first time I read it. I do remember that I was really skeptical of this book before I read it for the first time. I had read another book by the same author for the red maple award and loved it so; my mom purchased Ruling Passion for me (if confused see above).  While I have no love for the cheesy title or the weird cover(s) none of that takes anything away from the book itself.

I give Hearts at Stake 4.5 stars. While it’s not my favorite book in the series and I don’t really care for the cover and title, every time I read it, it feels like I’m reading it for the first time all over again.

I recommend Hearts at Stake to readers who like paranormal fantasy and dry humour.


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