Blood Feud Book Review

Blood feud

(I read this book in Ruling Passion which contains the first three books in the Drake Chronicles series)

Ruling Passion

Number of pages: 258

Time it took me to read: 2 days

Rating (out of five stars): 4.5

““Stay close,” I told her.

She snorted. “I have a sword and you have a butter knife. Staying close is about your only option.”” (Blood Feud, page 129)

Blood Feud (before reading the last book in the series, Blood Prophecy) was my favorite book in the Drake Chronicles series. I love this book’s historical aspects, its dry humor and even its romantic aspects. My heart still races at the parts it raced at the first time that I read this book, and I love that about it.

Blood Feud is told from the point of view of Logan and Isabeau, while the first book is told from the point of view of Solange and her best friend Lucy. Isabeau is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. She’s courageous and resourceful, but she’s also broken and guarded.

The cover of Blood Feud is my favorite out of all the other covers in this series, even though I still find it kind of weird. I also still have no love for the titles in this series with their bad vampire references and this book is no exception.

Overall, I give Blood Feud 4.5 stars because I really do like this book, I just can’t really say anything else about it without spoiling the whole book.


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