Blood Prophecy Book Review

Blood Prophecy

Number of pages: 440

Time it took me to read: 3 days

Rating (out of five stars): 4.5

“Kieran loved Solange and I knew he’d do anything to save her. But I was her best friend and I didn’t have his rules about not hitting girls. So I’d do what I had to.

Including hitting her with my car.” (Blood Prophecy, page 170)

Warning! Mild spoilers ahead

Blood Prophecy is told from the point of view of Lucy and Solange for the most part, but one thing I like about Blood Prophecy is that Isabeau, Hunter and Christabel each have a chapter told from their point of view.

The last book in a series tends to be my favorite, and Blood Prophecy is no exception. Blood Prophecy being my favorite, I have probably read it more than the other books in the series, yet it still feels like I’m reading it for the very first time. The first time that I read Blood Prophecy, I felt like there was a point in the book where it should have ended, but instead continued for 100+ pages. After the Viola issue had been dealt with, the whole “Dawn” part of the book seemed more like an afterthought and a weak reason to have a stereotypical fantastical battle scene. I realise that the whole “Dawn” thing has been building for multiple books, but in Blood Prophecy it seemed unnecessary. Although I believe that Blood Prophecy should have ended sooner than it did, I really like the epilogue. I think that the epilogue truly does end the series nicely.

Overall, I give Blood Prophecy 4.5 stars because while I think that part of the plot seemed like an afterthought, Blood Prophecy kept me interested until the very end.


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