Seeker Book Review


Number of pages: 429

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 0 (technically 1)

The first thing that bothered me about Seeker was that in order to keep the reader in suspense, the author made everything super vague, giving the reader almost no information. The reader is basically thrust into this world with almost no description and is introduced to these people who, by chapter 33 (which is where I gave up reading), I still had no idea what their purpose was.

Another frustrating thing about Seeker was that the small amount of information you are given about seekers is supposed to be inferred. I understand that the author was trying to add suspense to the book, but after almost stopping reading two times out of boredom and confusion from all of the vague “information” that had been given, I was not really in the mood to infer a major part of the plot.

The final issue that I had with Seeker was that I could not possibly bring myself to finish it. From what I remember, I have only not been able to finish a book my first attempt at reading it one other time (for those of you who are curious the book was Paper Towns by John Green). I honestly regret not being able to finish Seeker, because I don’t know if anything was ever actually explained in this book.

I can’t bring myself to give Seeker any stars (even though I technically have to give it 1) because I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. Seeker had such an interesting premise that was simply, poorly executed.

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