We Were Liars Book Review

We Were Liars

Number of pages:225

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 1

It really tells shows you how much you hated a book when after just finishing the last page you shout “Yes! Finally!” I should have listened to my gut and not read this book. Unfortunately,  time travel hasn’t been invented yet.

I don’t normally like critiquing the writing, but with We Were Liars, you kind of have to. The writing is awful and choppy. This book also featured sentences such as,  “Then I’ll kill him to death…” (We Were Liars, page 72). Overall, this book was trying really hard to sound intelligent, but it ended up sounding as unintelligent as possible.

Another thing that I did not like about We Were Liars was that the title and the whole Liars aspect of the book made no sense. I heard somewhere that the part where the author explained the Liars was taken out of the book because it was too slow, but if they really wanted to take out all of the slow parts in this book, they should have never published it at all.

I was really glad when I finished We Were Liars. The finished part of that sentence is the reason why it gets any stars at all. We Were Liars was slow and frankly poorly written and I really wish that I’d never read it.

2 thoughts on “We Were Liars Book Review

  1. Sorry if I’m creeping on your old posts, I just found your blog! I thought the same thing. The metaphors were a mess too. I was so confused at the part where she described her father leaving being like getting shot by him. It was trying way too hard and just failed.

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