White Cat Book Review

White Cat

Number of pages: 310

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 2

The problem with White Cat is that I don’t really have any strong feelings about it. I’m not angry, disappointed or happy with it. The word (if you can even call it that) that I would use to describe it is “meh”.

One of the few things that I did have an opinion on in White Cat is the characters. I just couldn’t bring myself to like any of them and I certainly couldn’t relate to them. I guess in the setting and situation the characters are in, it’s understandable that I didn’t like anybody, but it’s hard to say that you liked a book when you didn’t even like the person whose head you’re in.

The one thing that I personally found interesting about White Cat was the book was told from a male point of view. That seems like a really weird thing to say, but most of the books that I read just happen to be told from a female point of view.

Overall, I didn’t hate White Cat, but I didn’t like it either. For that reason, I give White Cat 2 stars.

4 thoughts on “White Cat Book Review

  1. I tried reading White Cat a few days ago and it was a fail.

    I was listening to it on audiobook while at the library and I think I was so distracted I missed big chunks around page 200. I had no idea who half the characters were or what was happening. It was terrible. But I’m not even upset about it? It was really forgettable and “meh” like you said.

    I didn’t dislike the characters, but they got on my nerves sometimes and other times I forget who they were anyway.

    I looked up the spoiler summary to know how it ends and I’m just so eh about it in general. I thought it would be more exciting. I might reread it at some point to actually /read/ it, but may not.

    Not really what I expected after loving The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. :/

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    1. I read it because a reviewer I used to share opinions with loved it, but it just wasn’t good. Thankfully, I took it out from the library. White Cat has put me off reading Holly Black’s books (and it was the first one I had read of hers).

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      1. That sucks. It wasn’t that great but I just think it wasn’t her best work. Granted I’ve only read two, but I think it depends on your taste. I’m still willing to read her other novels. Maybe you’ll like her fairy ones if you’re into that.

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