Reading Goodreads Reviews of Books You Liked

Last night I was procrastinating from doing any homework and I found myself on Goodreads. In my spare time I’m on Goodreads a lot. I am always adding books to my “to be read” list, entering giveaways and looking through my recommendations. Last night, out of curiosity, I looked up some books that I had read in the past and really liked and I decided to read some reviews of said books. That was a mistake! I read 1 star reviews from popular reviewers and ended up seeing the books that I thought I had liked in a new light. As a result, I decided to do a review of sorts (which is really just an explanation of why I give these books such a high rating) of some of these books. Please note that any books by the same authors that are not shown here are books that I have either not read or books that I liked for more than the reasons listed below and will be reviewing later.

Rating (out of five stars): 4.5 (some of these books I reviewed and rated higher. This is an updated rating).

Times read: too many to count.

Screenshot (19)

Alyxandra Harvey and Kiersten White have been two of my favorite authors for a long time. Until recently, I would have thought that no author/ book could replace them, but I have read some amazing books this year, and tastes and opinions change. While seeing books (such as Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge, The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh, Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly and hopefully, The Young Elites by Marie Lu) push the books pictured above further down my bookshelf (because I organise my books by my rating) makes me slightly sad, reading the reviews last night made me realise why I was not all that upset about it. These books make me happy. While reading them I laugh because they are filled with the type of humour I love and they have made me cry because I have grown attached to the characters, but these books are in no way great literature. Firstly, I’m not really sure why you were looking for great literature in Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy/ Romance books, but that’s beside the point. Some of these books have plot holes a mile wide, horrible characters/ character development and seem like contemporary novels with Paranormal/ Fantasy elements thrown in. I love these books because books are my escape from the real world, and when a book makes me laugh, it makes my experience even better. And that is the reason for me giving these books 4.5 stars.

Are there any books that you have given a high rating just because they make for a good escape? Have you ever read a 1 star review of a book you loved and had it change your opinions of said book? Tell me in the comments.


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