Throne of Glass Book Review

Throne of Glass

Number of pages: 404

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 3

Reading the blurb, Throne of Glass sounded like an assassin book with a little bit of mystery mixed in. In reality, the only word that I could use to describe it is “fluff”. It’s not that I have never read a “fluffy” book, because some of my previous favorite books are really “fluffy” *cough* The Drake Chronicles series *cough*. The problem with Throne of Glass is that while other “fluffy” books that I’ve read made me laugh, Throne of Glass didn’t even get a giggle out me.

Building on that point, Throne of Glass didn’t really make me feel anything. During some “intense” situations I wasn’t even moderately concerned for Celaena’s safety. I just wasn’t really hooked.

Another problem that I had with Throne of Glass was the love triangle. I didn’t like both of the love interests, and the love triangle had me groaning after every chapter.  One night the love triangle had my so frustrated that I wrote on the white board behind my bed “No geometric shapes of love”.

Overall I give Throne of Glass 3 stars because even though I have many complaints, I ultimately found it entertaining and I will be reading the next book in the series (eventually).

2 thoughts on “Throne of Glass Book Review

  1. Would you say it’s worth reading? I’ve been debating on whether or not I should pick this up ’cause I’ve heard some mixed things, particularly that the main character is made out to be an assassin but never actually plays the part. Like, how far does the love triangle take over the plot?

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    1. I think it really depends on what kind of reader you are. If you are a person who can read three books worth of a girl who flounces around calling herself an assassin, while mooning over her enemies and relatives just because she is in possession of a knife in order to read a really good fourth book in the series, then I would say that you should give the first book a try and see where you stand. If you are not fond of the cast of characters and plot lines growing exponentially in future books, cheesy romance, and are in the mood for a book with actual assassins, I suggest skipping it. I ranted for days about the first three books, but I could not put down Queen of Shadows, so it’s honestly your call.

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