Stitching Snow Book Review

Stitching Snow

Number of pages: 328

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 5

Warning! If you do not wish to be spoiled, do not read the bolded brackets in paragraph 3.

I loved Stitching Snow. The heroine is strong, yet when told to run, she runs (a rarity among YA heroines), proving that you can be strong and brave while having common sense (I praised Essie (main character) for two days straight because of this). I also loved the seven drones with their own, unique names (I especially loved Dimwit).

Stitching Snow is a Snow White retelling set in space and people who have read/heard of Cinder by Marissa Meyer may be wondering which book copied the other. I can tell you that neither book copied the other. It’s not like Marissa Meyer is the only person on the planet who is allowed to write sci-fi retellings. The two are also nothing alike. Cinder is a slow, boring (yet mildly enjoyable) retelling set on a dystopian version of Earth, while Stitching Snow is set on different planets with distinct characteristics, with a human like heroine and a plot filled with action (and politics).

One of the few problems I had with this book (The falling in love with your kidnaper part) was acknowledged by the book (as in the author knew that it would be an issue and had the characters discuss it). The other problem I had with Stitching Snow was that there was no actual swearing, just he/ she/ they swore/ cursed. I don’t swear or like swear words, I just found reading “he swore” 100 times annoying (especially when one of the drones is named Cusser).

Overall, I give Stitching Snow 5 stars. It was a really enjoyable and enthralling book with only a few minor annoyances.

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