Entwined DNF Book Review


Number of pages: 472

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 0

Well, least I made it to chapter 9.

Azalea and her 11 alphabetically named sisters (they are also all named after plants) are stupid, selfish, and spoiled. Their mother just died, and all they care about (after shedding a few tears, of course) is that they will have to wear black and not be able to dance for a year because of their kingdom’s traditional way of mourning. You would think that these princesses would follow the rules and show respect for their mother, but instead they simply break the rules and dance anyway. In fact, every thought in Azalea’s head is about dancing; every emotion she feels is compared to dancing. Her world revolves around dancing so much that it is unrealistic.

After reading 28 pages of this book I was frowning, and by page 57 I had rolled my eyes (the first of many eye-rolls). The author also tried to subtlety hint at the beginning of romance between two of the characters, but it could not have been more obvious if someone had smacked you in the face with it.

Overall, I couldn’t bring myself to finish Entwined, earning it 0 stars and a DNF.

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