Heir of Fire Book Review

Heir of Fire

Number of pages: 562

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 3.5

Warning: If you have not read the first two books do not continue reading.

“Forget Morgan Rhodes’ awful series, I give you a review of A Game of Fire by George R. J. Maas. It has everything you could want in a book: unnecessary P.O. V’s, unnecessary details, and it’s even dreadfully boring. Sarah J. Maas has truly made a Y.A. A Game of Thrones.” (Me, halfway through Heir of Fire)

The above quote may seem harsh, but it’s something I actually said aloud while reading this book. I’m just so frustrated with this series because I can see the potential and I know that Sarah J. Maas will write a fantastic book one day, but there are some times that this book fall so short of its potential that I wanted to throw it. Part of me wanted this book to earn 4 stars, and it was really close to doing so, but there are too many things that need to be fixed.

The first issue I had was with the cousin thing, specifically the discussion about Celaena marrying Aedion and the inevitable addition of Rowan to the triangle of love (I’m just predicting here). I don’t care how distantly related you are, if you are cousins you should not marry or go out with each other (again, I’m just making a prediction).

The plot twists in this series are so predictable. I predicted the whole long lost, part Fae queen thing from book one, and as soon as the really rare bond between Fae was mentioned, I put two and two together and figured out who (because she wasn’t special enough) had this rare bond with someone who, for spoiler purposes, will  remain nameless.

I have grown attached to this series, and though I have many criticisms, I have enjoyed reading this series so far. This was the first book to make me emotional, although not as emotional as I normally get, and I appreciate that in a book.

I think that the characters are growing into better characters and I’m even starting to like Celaena. However much I started to like Celaena, there is one thing that still bothers me that is perfectly stated by Rowan (I’m not saying that I am a fan of his) on page 102 “…I don’t know what the hell you’ve been doing for ten years, other than flouncing around and calling yourself an assassin”. Also, as much as the addition of new characters irritated me, I found their perspectives and plot lines interesting.

Overall, I enjoyed, yet was frustrated by Heir of Fire and it has therefore earned 3.5 stars out of 5.

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