Queen of Shadows Book Review

Queen of Shadows

Number of pages: 645

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 4.5

This is the book I’ve been wanting from this series all along. It had action and suspense that turned the logical part of my brain off to the point where I was convinced that Aelin was going to die (and there are still 2 books left in the series) and I was near tears for the majority of it.

Let’s talk about the reason this book is missing half a star: cousin romance. I am happy that Aelin has found someone who loves her for who she is, but can it please not be her distant cousin. I mean, the whole I really want to have sex with you thing was weird enough without them being related (It’s not distant enough for it to not be traceable, so I say it counts as related).

Aelin is cunning and fierce, I still don’t care about Dorian, Chaol is a jerk, I like Rowan marginally more than I did in Heir of Fire, Manon shows emotion for the first time, and there are even more P.O.Vs, but for some reason it works significantly better than it did in the previous installment.  It’s also nice to know that the villain is not the actual villain and that the “fake” villain is not completely heartless.

There was so much action and emotion and cunning that half the time I was very confused, yet it made me want to keep reading even more (to the point where I stayed up late on a school night by accident).

Blood was shed, things were destroyed, and I’m really curious as to how there could be two more books in this series (which leaves me with low expectations for book 5). I’m also hopping that there isn’t a stereotypical fantastical battle scene in book 6 (even though I know there will be one).

Overall, I was blown away my Queen of Shadows to the point where I am officially a fan of Sarah J. Maas, earning the book 4.5 stars out of five.

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