The Rose and the Dagger Book Review

The Rose and the Dagger.jpg

Number of pages: 416

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 6 (technically 5)

I can’t believe it’s over. Other than the e-novellas that I can’t read as I don’t have an e-reader and the option of re-reading, there will be no more Shazi and Khalid for me.

Oh my God, this book. I don’t consider myself a romance fan, but I loved every minute of reading The Rose and the Dagger. Half of the emotions I felt while reading are indescribable. I was screaming things at the characters at the top of my lungs in the middle of the night, all while holding the book in a death grip, willing the happy outcome I envisioned to come true.

Speaking of endings, the end sure was interesting. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just don’t think I’ve read an ending (by the way I don’t count the epilogue as the end) so strange, yet powerful and painful. Don’t worry; I’m not going to spoil anything.

This may seem strange, but I have never fallen in love with/ had a crush on a book character, and while I’m not in love with Khalid, I know that I want one (well, without the curse and the murdering of wives). It physically pained me to read the threats they made towards him and the way they called him a monster, hence this tweet:

Screenshot (11)

The writing is beautiful. My mind hung on to every word and all I wanted to do was live between the pages. It is rare for me to find a book that can make me feel that way.

The villains in The Rose and the Dagger were well done. I especially liked that they weren’t villainous for the sake of being evil, but that they had motive, and some of them even ended up correcting their wrongs.

Overall, The Rose and the Dagger is truly a beautiful book, outside and in, and has earned 5 out of 5 stars.

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