1 Year Anniversary of For the Lover of Books

I started For the Lover of Books in late June 2015 because I was embarrassed of the first blog I had created, but I still wanted to practice writing and share my opinions on the thing that brings me great happiness: books. I was determined to leave Bookteardown (my previous blog) behind me and work even harder on For the Lover of Books (Fun fact: I originally wanted to name my blog For the Love of Books (like the saying “for the love of God”), but it was already taken). I created a Twitter, a now deleted Facebook page (The only likes were my mom and aunt) and a Goodreads (which remains friendless because I’m too socially anxious to actually friend anyone). I posted a few reviews before I got my first follower, and if I remember correctly I nearly cried because the only person who had read Bookteardown’s posts was my dad. My early reviews may not be very good, and even my recent reviews need work, but I like knowing that I have improved a lot in a year. Even after a year, I’m still trying to get better and find a nicer and less cynical way to get my opinions across.

Thank you to everyone who has ever even skimmed a post from For the Lover of Books! Thank you to every single person who has ever left a comment or a like, it means the world to me when you do! And lastly, thank you to all 33 current followers of For the Lover of Books! It means so much to me that you all saw something in For the Lover of Books at one point or another and I am so grateful for the wonderful blogging community. Some people may think 33 people isn’t a lot compared to people who are followed by hundreds or thousands, but just know that 33 is unbelievable to the girl who didn’t think she’d get 1 follower.

Now that my gratitude has been expressed, for my one year anniversary, I thought that I would tell you some book related things about me. I have seen this done before with 25 facts, but I’m just going to list as many as I can.

  1. I live in a small house and share a room with my sister, so I only have one shelf to put my books on (the rest are in cupboards, drawers, and boxes)
  2. I have never fallen in love with a book character (no book boyfriends for me). Normally I just hope that the protagonist ends up with the guy if I think he is a good person.
  3. I don’t eat while reading.
  4. I don’t bring my books out in public anymore (I don’t want them getting dirty)
  5. I learned to read in grade 1 (at age 6 or 7, so 11 or 10 years ago) using a Sandra Boynton book
  6. My dad read all 7 of the Harry Potter books to me and my brother when we were fairly young (I was in grade two when we started the first one I believe). I ended up reading the last book after my dad had finished reading us the series for a book talk for school in grade 5, making Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the only Harry Potter book I have personally read.
  7. Speaking of Harry Potter, my dad would not let us watch the movies until we finished the books, so when the time came to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I was very disappointed when the characters did not look exactly as I had imagined them.
  8. While most people like having maps in books, I prefer having family trees and/or glossaries.
  9. I cannot stand it when authors have characters talk in Yorkshire accents in books (probably because I’m too lazy to try and figure out what they’re saying)
  10. I organize my books from favorite book to least favorite book, so I don’t put books away before they have been read.
  11. I prefer hardcovers to paperbacks, but I despise dust jackets (I used to throw out the dust jackets).
  12. The smell of a new book is one of the best smells.
  13. E. K. Johnston is the first and only author I have ever met.
  14. My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff according to Pottermore, but I feel like I’m a mix of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Do you have any of the same/similar bookish facts about you?

6 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary of For the Lover of Books

  1. Happy one year! Do you normally prefer how you imagine the characters or how they look in movies? For Twilight, I like Edward in movies because he looks so handsome compare to my imagination haha.. That’s really cool that your dad read you the Harry Potter, although, were you scared being that young?

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