Deception’s Princess DNF Book Review

Deception's Princess.jpg

Number of pages: 325

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 0 (technically 1)

I bought this book for $5.99, so I can’t really complain, but this book is awful and boring. I am distantly Irish (plus, give me a dress and a bird of prey and I could recreate the cover fairly exactly), so the premise intrigued me.  ON top of that, numerous reviews on Goodreads compared it to the movie Brave. Allow me to tell you how different Deception’s Princess is from Brave.

Maeve is extremely whinny and uninteresting. It sucks to be a woman in ancient times, I get that, but how about you do something to change that instead of whining about your situation and going about your day as normal. Merida in Brave does something to change her fate. Yes, Merida whines a little and she does make some mistakes, but at least she takes control and says “no, this isn’t what I want in life” (this is not a direct quote). Don’t whine about how your father doesn’t respect you, do nothing to earn his respect, and then go whine to daddy dearest about another problem and then whine when he doesn’t fix it for you. Maeve’s mother even told her to change her fate as much as she can, and Maeve blatantly ignored her and continued to whine about her life as a pampered princess. Having your character dislike her situation as a female is not enough for it to count as female empowerment if all she does is complain.

Also, I don’t think you would be able to see the plot of this book if you were using an electron microscope. I read 100+ pages of Deception’s Princess and nothing happened. Well, I guess a lot of complaining happened, but that’s pretty much it.

Overall, I could not bear to finish Deception’s Princess, earning it a DNF and 0 stars.

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