I am a weird reader in the sense that I love spoilers. I love reading reviews that tell me actual events in the story, as it helps me decide if the book will actually interest me or not. Spoilers are also useful because if I’m reading a series and I want to know what happens in the next book, and I still want to read the sequel afterwards, reading reviews containing spoilers tell me if I’m emotionally invested enough and I liked the story enough to read the next book. I am a person who loves knowing what happens in a book, yet still being able to be surprised and be emotionally affected by it, because to me, that is the sign of a good author.

My love of spoilers becomes a problem when writing reviews. With my reviews, I try to avoid spoilers at all costs out of respect for readers who hate spoilers, which often results in vague reviews as I don’t really know if someone would consider certain things to be a spoiler.

I wanted to make a short post on my opinions on spoilers and I would love to know your thoughts on spoilers Do you like knowing what happens or do you like going in blind?


One thought on “Spoilers

  1. I like spoilers too, as long as it’s not about the end of a book/series. If I’m continuing a series and I’ve forgotten a lot of what happened in the first book, usually I look up reviews with the most spoilers possible to refresh my mind.

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