The Orphan Queen Book Review

The Orphan Queen

Number of pages: 391

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 2

Warning! This review contains Throne of Glass spoilers. You have been warned.

In a world where the reader has no understanding of how the magic works and no information is given on the strange mythological creatures, there lived a princess. This is no ordinary princess, however, for she befriended the child of her enemy and promptly watched her parents be killed days/weeks/months later. Now an orphan, she is tricked by a controlling jerk that provides her with shelter. It is with the help of the controlling jerk that she learns to fight, be a criminal, and have no personality whatsoever. One day, she for whatever reason enters the home of her enemy in disguise and plots his murder (it is always the King of another land). Alas, our heroine (who hasn’t really done anything substantial or even mildly interesting at this point) falls in love with her enemy’s spawn (and possibly his best friend while she’s at it), but they can’t be together because it’s too complicated. I forgot to mention that everyone is really attractive and that the princess is super jealous of all other females. Anyway, there is also a ban on magic in this world, but that sucks for our main character because she, naturally, has very rare and powerful magic, because why not have the main character be beautiful, extremely powerful, smart, brave, etc. and still be jealous of other women.

Time for a game. Which book is this a summary of? Is it:

a) The Orphan Queen

b) Throne of Glass

c) Any other YA fantasy book

If you said any of the above answers, you are correct.

Is there no originality in YA fantasy anymore? For instance, why is our main character always super special? Why do they always fall in love with their enemy? If our long lost, powerful, stunning, princess is really as smart and wonderful as you have made her out to be, why is she making out with the guy who watched his dad kill her parents? Why is the plot so damn predictable? Why is magic always banned? Throne of Glass finally explained why magic was banned near the end of the fourth book, while The Orphan Queen explained the ban on magic with something the book never really explained. Also, I’m so done with the princess being skilled with weaponry and never actually killing anything or not killing anything without the help of a mysterious suitor. Assassins, even ones with sad stories, are supposed to kill things. Assassins aren’t likable, that’s how it goes when you murder people for a living (sorry, even the masterpiece that was Queen of Shadows can’t stop me from ranting about the first book. Back to The Orphan Queen).

Wilhelmina isn’t that great of a character and her unoriginal story is hard to call heart-wrenching. This book just isn’t anything new and it doesn’t really bring anything innovative to the overused story, but it’s not a terrible book if you enjoy repetitive fantasy.

Overall, you should skip The Orphan Queen and just read Throne of Glass instead because Queen of Shadows is amazing. Also, even though I give The Orphan Queen 2 stars out of 5, I’ll probably still read the sequel.

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