Spinning Starlight Book Review

Spinning Starlight

Number of pages: 327

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 3

After I finished Stitching Snow by the same author (see my review here), I found out about Spinning Starlight. I was very excited to learn that Spinning Starlight was a retelling of my favorite fairy tale, The Wild Swans. While I’m not a Science Fiction and the reviews weren’t great, reading a retelling of my favorite fairy tale was too good an opportunity to pass up.


Meet the Jantzens, billionaire tech company owning orphans, who are supposedly geniuses, but end up getting tricked surprisingly easily.  All 8 brothers, that is. Luckily, their sister, who has already whined about how she gets free clothes, having no real friends because they just want to use her name, and is not as smart as her brothers, has finally noticed their absence after a few weeks of them being missing.

I found seeing how the author incorporated the elements of the fairy tale into the story really interesting, but I think it’s best if you don’t know the story going in. I think not knowing the story brings back some of the suspense that was lost on me because I knew what happens. Also, I’m sure that this should have been a full length novel, as it felt a little too spread out.

I had a problem with our main character, Liddi. She didn’t really show the complete selfless bravery of the princess in the original story. In the fairy tale, the princess is willing to be burned at the stake for witchcraft if it means her brothers will be saved. She is willing to save her brothers no matter the cost. I felt like that completely selfless bravery was missing from Liddi. Sure, she was willing to break laws for her brothers, but would she have kept fighting for them as she rode to her execution? Part of me feels like she wouldn’t have.

Despite my complaints, I found Spinning Starlight to be amusing and enjoyable and was glad that the romance was not given center stage. I therefore grant Spinning Starlight 3 stars out of 5.

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