A Monster Calls Book Review

A Monster Calls

Number of pages: 205

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 3

“There is not always a good guy. Nor is there always a bad one. Most people are somewhere in between”

There are certain things I look for in a book. I want the characters to be realistic; I want them to be flawed and do both good and bad. I want the book to make me feel for the character; I want to laugh and cry and I don’t want to care about plot holes and the fact that it may not be the next classic that I’m reading. A Monster Calls definitely should have been my kind of book. The characters are realistic, it’s a moving tale, it has beautiful illustrations, and it even has the brutal honesty that I highly value. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this book, yet I gave it 3 stars.

I think this is one of those reviews where you should pay less attention to the rating, and more attention to the reasoning. Like I said above, there is nothing wrong with this book, but there is a reason I gave it three stars: personal preference. That seems like a really awful reason to not give a perfect book 5 out of 5 stars, but think about it. Have you ever named a book that you didn’t absolutely love reading, as your favourite book, simply because you could appreciate it? Of course not! When I read I need for the book to make me feel emotional, but that didn’t happen with A Monster Calls. I couldn’t relate at all what the characters were going through and I lost some of the emotion because of it. I felt sorry for the characters, but that just isn’t enough for me. The emotions I feel while reading are the reasons why I give those remaining two stars.

A Monster Calls is a beautifully written and illustrated tale that shows grief, pain, anger, and fear in a seemingly honest way. It is another book that is important for people to read and learn from. It shows that the good guy is not always who you think it is, and that there isn’t always one. I think no matter how much you will enjoy it, everyone should read this book.

4 thoughts on “A Monster Calls Book Review

    1. The movie was actually how I found out about this book. Everyone was posting the trailer on Twitter and saying how emotional it made them, so when it didn’t make particularly sad, I decided that the trailer might have more of an effect on me if I had read the book. I’m not sure if I’ll actually go see the movie, but I’m glad I read the book first.

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      1. Oh okay! I’m hoping to read the book before the movie comes out if time allows it. If you do watch it I would love to see you do a comparison for the book and movie if that’s something you’d be interested in doing.

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