Three Dark Crowns Book Review


Number of pages: 416

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 3

This concept has so much potential (hence why it gets three stars like the first 3 books in The Throne of Glass series), but Three Dark Crowns just didn’t deliver what it promised. I’m not disappointed. I’m a hard reader to impress, but rating this book 3 stars is lenient for all the issues I had with it. Before I really get into the review, this review will feature some possibly controversial opinions, so if you disagree with my opinion, I would love to have a discussion with you in the comments.

Let’s start with the queens. I really like Mirabella as a character. It was nice to have a softer and more caring main character in a YA Fantasy book. This might just be me, but I am incredibly frustrated with the push for strong female characters. I get why this has happened, but believe it or not, not every girl has a strong personality. I don’t have a strong personality, so it was nice to be able to relate to a character in a time when seemingly every female must be strong. Arisone didn’t really have much of a personality in my opinion, but that may have been a result of not having her chapters be told from her perspective. Katharine was this sweet, yet strong fighter, and all I wanted to do was protect her, especially from the abuse she received. I really don’t know who I want to win the crown. I’m not sure I want Katherine to win, yet I don’t want her to die. I definitely don’t want Arisone to win, yet I don’t want Mirabella to have to kill her sisters. I guess I’ll have to see how it plays out in the next book.

This book is not boring, but it isn’t all that interesting. Considering this book is 400 pages long, not much seems to happen. The last 50 pages or so is when the plot actually begins to move forward. Another thing I wasn’t thrilled about plot wise was how this book wasn’t dark. Not a single page contained mildly dark content (maybe I’ve just been desensitized), yet this book was advertised as a dark, murderous fantasy book. I also don’t think the amount of characters dragged down the plot. That large a cast of characters is necessary for a book with this kind of concept.

One other thing I want to comment on is how some reviewers have been proclaiming this book as a feminist book. In fact, one thing that particularly rubbed me the wrong way was how men were often treated as lesser than women in this book. If you aren’t aware, feminists are by definition, people fighting for equality between men and women. Having one gender being unequal to the other is not feminism. Therefore, having men be lesser than women is not feminism, its revenge.

Overall, Three Dark Crown’s sequel has potential for greatness, but Three Dark Crowns itself didn’t deliver.

3 thoughts on “Three Dark Crowns Book Review

  1. Hey, Moira! Sorry if I spam you a bit today, I’m catching up on commenting on my favorite blogs!

    I’m kind of disappointed that not that much happens in Three Dark Crowns. I read the first maybe 2-3 chapters from a sampler and really enjoyed the characters and world that was presented. But aside from your review, I’ve seen others that say the world isn’t developed much after the initial chapters and I’m so upset about that.

    Up to the point that I read Katherine was my favorite, but I know what you mean about the female representation! Physically strong women are great and all, but more feminine characters with softer personalities aren’t allowed to shine much, which sucks. You can be a great and competent character without being a fighter.

    How were the men treated as inferior?

    (I’ll probably come back to your review after I read the book lol)

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    1. You’re not spamming me, I’m just sorry I haven’t been able to respond until now. Maybe my brain was reading to much into things, but there were just some instances where all these women looked down on men. There was the king consort element where (if I remember correctly) they virtually said “Don’t worry, you only have to use the men to get pregnant with the next set of triplets when you’re queen”.

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