Heartless DNF Book Review


Number of pages: 449

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 0

I don’t like Alice in Wonderland, in fact I dislike the concept so much I have never even attempted to read it, and the most I have seen of any of the movies is 20 minutes. I also didn’t like Cinder, though I rated it higher than I now think I should have. You’re probably now wondering why on earth I read Heartless, and to be frank, I’m not really sure. Maybe I wanted to give Marissa Meyer another shot. Maybe I was intrigued by the premise. Whatever the reason was, it didn’t turn out well.

This book is boring. All Catherine thinks about is not wanting to marry the king and baking, which gets old after a while. It felt plot-less. The action was sucked out of the actions scenes, and the mystery was taken out of the lines that were meant to keep the reader hooked. This book just fell flat.

Maybe it was the characters. I had a difficult enough time attempting to tell them apart, let alone trying to care about what happened to them. A piece of cardboard has more personality than these characters. Also, Catherine and her magical savior of a love interest Jest have less chemistry than a table and a piece of toast.

Overall, Heartless was disappointing and boring, earning it 0 stars out of 5 and a DNF.

2 thoughts on “Heartless DNF Book Review

  1. I’m sorry but it’s so funny how much you didn’t like this. That cardboard sounds really appealing right about now. I was planning on reading this, too, but really I’m not the biggest fan of Alice in Wonderland either.

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