The Female of the Species


Number of pages: 352

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 3

This book sure is compelling. I don’t think I’ve read a realistic fiction book since November, because despite my best efforts, I cannot stand them. There are all these fabulous, diverse, and interesting realistic fiction books I want to read, but never will because I know I will hate them. Realistic fiction books feel so dull and plot less to me, so bear that in mind while reading this and any of my other reviews of realistic fiction books. I also finished it weeks ago, so that may have an effect on my review.

When I finished The Female of the Species, all I could think about was how compelling it was. Sadly, I didn’t sit there hugging it to my chest, I simply put it in a box (I don’t have enough shelf space) and went about my day. Maybe I was too focused on my upcoming (now completed) exams, but that doesn’t seem right as I finished a book two days before my final exam and absolutely loved it. I didn’t consider the feminist message I was supposed to be praising this book for, I didn’t care about what happened to one of the main characters at the end, I just shrugged and put the book away.

Also, if you have read this and are familiar with Elizabethan values, did you get great chain of being vibes from this book? That may have just spoiled the ending, but the events of the story fit really well into the Elizabethan values concerning murder and the afterlife. I was also reading Hamlet for English class at the time, so it may just be that, but I’m genuinely curious.

This book is strange. Granted, I live in a village where rape and murder cases are rare, but I think if the adults around me acted like the adults in this book, they would have been fired long ago, especially the police officer. I’ve had police officers come to my schools and tell us to not put our location and school on Facebook, abstain from sex, and not do drugs (complete with scaring images), but never have I had a police officer point to five students and say that one of them will be raped. There’s also something off about the main characters. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but something about them just seamed wrong.

Despite the flaws, I think if you are into realistic fiction, don’t mind a little gore, and want to read a book about feminism and rape culture, this strange little book might be for you. I think it covers rape culture and female friendships nicely.

Overall, while The Female of the Species harbors a nice message concerning rape culture and feminism, it simply wasn’t for me, earning it 3 out of 5 stars.

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