The Assassin’s Blade Book Review


Number of pages: 448

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 1

There was a perfectly valid reason why I hadn’t read these novella’s by now; I hated the first three books of this series. If you are one of the seemingly few people who have not had the pleasure of reading the Throne of Glass series, this novella bind-up will not convince you to become invested in the plot of a six book series (now ending in 2018) filled with predictable plot twists (unless you are very new to YA fantasy) that in my opinion peaked at book four (the six book could always surprise me). If you want to read this series, but haven’t yet, I recommend you find reviewers you share similar opinions with, read their reviews, and then read a handful of both five and one star reviews. I have been ranting about this series for far too long for my opinion to be the sole one read (though those reviews were fun to write).

After that first paragraph you’re probably wondering why on earth I even bothered reading this. These novellas are clearly not the fourth book that I constantly praise, so why would I submit myself to this if I did not enjoy reading the majority of this series? The problem is, once you hit the fifth book, information provided in these novellas becomes necessary. There were moments during Empire of Storms (and now that I look back on it, Queen of Shadows had these moments as well) where I was clearly out of the loop because I hadn’t had the courage to pick up these novellas. I will say that you definitely should not read these novellas after reading the fourth book. It makes some incredibly boring novellas even harder to read (plus, you will miss being able to call Celaena *spoiler*).

Beside the things about this series I regularly rant about, the thing I am the most angry about is the Sam and Celaena romance. Celaena was supposed to be grieving over the death of this guy she hated for the majority of her life, moved in with for like a week, and told herself was her true love (which newsflash, *spoiler*). I don’t believe her reactions to memories of Sam are at all realistic anymore. She was allegedly in love with this guy for a very short amount of time, but she acts throughout the series as if they had a deep relationship that brought on the apocalypse when he died. They weren’t even convincingly in love for said week.

In addition to the frustrating romance, these novellas bring caught up readers of this series on a trip down memory lane to when used to Celaena brag about being a fantastic assassin, yet doesn’t prove it until much later (entire books/novellas later to be exact).I have said it before, and I will say it again; ASSASSINS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKEABLE! THEY KILL PEOPLE FOR A LIVING!

Overall, I’m just praying that the final book will be good, but this novella bind-up has taken away some of what little hope I had. The Assassin’s Blade therefore earns 1 out of 5 stars from me.

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