A Book is a Wish Your Heart Makes Episode 2

My last writing update was in September 2016 where I talked about starting my first book and possibly doing NaNoWriMo, which did not end up happening. I planned to have written more by now, or at least have opened the Word document containing those 2000 words, but it seems school had other plans.

It is currently the final day of a homework free March Break for me (hence the influx of posts this week), and while I have not done as much writing on my book as I would have liked, I am currently sitting at 3563 words (just shy of my goal of 4000 words by the end of the break).

I think the biggest struggle I’m having is balancing reading, book writing, and blogging. If I’m reading, I can’t be writing my book, and when I finish a book and have time to write a review, I feel obligated to review the book I just finished rather than work on my own. If anyone has any tips, I would be happy to hear them.

I hope to write more over Easter weekend, so hopefully episode 3 will come out around then. Here’s hoping this idea amounts to something.


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