Labyrinth Lost Book Review

Labyrinth Lost

Number of pages: 315

Number of times read (including the time before this review): 1

Rating (out of five stars): 2.5

I think where Labyrinth Lost loses points is in it being way too short for the story it’s trying to tell. In fact, most of my criticisms have to do with Labyrinth Lost being too short.

Firstly, there is very little world building. Most things are simply explained as these two gods did this, don’t question the gods. Things needed to be explained more often than they were. I knew nothing about Brujas or anything surrounding them going into Labyrinth Lost, and even after reading it, I still know nothing about them, which is a bit of an issue considering they are the main focus of the story.

The characters are also fairly one dimensional. The only thing I know about Alex is that she hates her powers, the only thing I know about Lula is that she is pretty and likes her powers, I know absolutely nothing about the mom, and the only thing I know about Rishi is that she is Alex’s friend. There really isn’t any character development.

The romance is interesting, yet completely unbelievable from Alex’s perspective. I personally saw it coming from the other character involved from a mile away, but Alex never does anything to show she loves the other character. Again, Alex is really focused on getting rid of her magic, and she really doesn’t really think about anything else. However, Alex doesn’t end up with the overly predictable love interest, so I guess that’s a plus.

There’s never really any fear that Alex will fail to save her family. She wanders around and wastes precious time, yet there is never any urgency to save the day. There also isn’t a whole lot of danger for a place labeled as dangerous. The characters go about their quest completely unconcerned. They even give away half their food supply in a world where they don’t know what is safe to eat and how long the journey will be, but don’t worry because they don’t really eat for the second half of the book.

Overall, while I’m open to reading the sequel, Labyrinth Lost was too short to properly accomplish its goals.

4 thoughts on “Labyrinth Lost Book Review

  1. Sorry you didn’t enjoyed it and I can see why if they go about without concern to danger or starvation. Great review! I have this book but have yet to read it. I might push it down my TBR list 😊

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  2. Your reviews are what I go to now if there’s a popular book I only hear good things about.
    Really sucks that things are so underdeveloped. What did you think about the portrayal of Meixcan culture? I got so excited to read this because the cover has day of the dead makeup and it’s one of my favorite holidays, but I’m curious to know what you took from that, if it was even a very prominent aspect.

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    1. I really can’t judge the portrayal of Mexican culture, but I don’t think the Day of the Dead was a part of the story (though I do believe there was something called a death day where Brujas meet their ancestors and accept their powers).


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