2 Year Anniversary of For the Lover of Books

It feels completely insane that I have been blogging for 2 years. I technically missed the actually day I started For the Lover of Books (which according to Twitter was June 23rd), but I couldn’t pass up the chance to express my gratitude towards the community that means so much to me.

If I had to describe myself simplistically, I would say I’m a mentally ill Canadian girl who loves to read and write. Reading was how I escaped the bullying I experienced as a child, and for me, there is no feeling like sitting down to write, and losing yourself in your writing.

I distinctly remember reading Kiersten White’s Paranormalcy for school in grade 8 (I read it in a few hours), ordering the next two books, and creating a twitter account so I could follow her. I had always been a reader, but this is where simply staying up late reading ended, and my true love of reading started. I remember the pure joy I felt the first time I got an email from Twitter saying either Alyxandra Harvey (Canadian author I practically worshiped back then) or Kiersten White (I can’t remember which one) liked one of my Tweets. I remember desperately checking tour dates to see if either of them was coming somewhere close enough for me to meet them, and the sinking feeling when I realized I would never meet them. I met Kiersten White last year in a Chapters hours away from where I live.

Catherine Egan, Kiersten White, Marie Lu, and Morgan Rhodes in a Chapters in Brampton, Ontario.

That feeling from when that first author liked me tweet, or when I finally got to meet an author I had waited 4 years to meet, that’s what I feel when blogging. I feel it when I’m proud of a review I wrote (even if I still need to work on a few things and make some of my lower star reviews a little nicer), or when someone likes my post, or when someone followers For the Lover of Books, or when I see someone has read one of my reviews from a different country, and I especially feel that feeling when someone leaves a comment, because maybe I don’t have anything to reply with, but maybe I do. So thank you, to the people who read my posts, to the members of this community who have welcomed me, to the people who have interacted with For the Lover of Books in any way. Your support means the world to me. The fact that some of you have liked reviews that aren’t the kindest they could have been, that you supported something that is so distinctly me when I can’t control my emotions, is something I will never be able to repay. To a girl with depression, it means the world.

So happy (belated) birthday For the Lover of Books, and here’s to many more years to come.


6 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary of For the Lover of Books

  1. 2 years is so amazing, Moira, and this was a brilliant way to sum it up! ❤ It's amazing to see how your journey took you from just opening a Twitter account to share your love to your brilliant blog. I always love reading your reviews, and definitely can't wait to see what you do in the years to come! ❤

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