Favourite Book of the Month: July 2017

I’ve always wanted to do a TBR and wrap-up, but between summer and my strange method for picking what to read next, the format isn’t a good fit for me personally. Enter this new series I’m trying out where I’ll be saying the best book I read that month. I’m a fairly hard reviewer to impress, so hopefully I will rate a book high enough each month to continue making these. Plus, it’s nice to be positive on For the Lover of Books once and a while.

I’m currently writing this on July 24th as I go on holiday in South Africa for three weeks as of July 31st (the day this post will be scheduled for). As a result, I will be making any books read this week eligible for my favourite book of the month for August. I don’t like doing it like this, but I have no idea if my relatives even have internet, let alone if I will have access to it.

This is probably the easiest favourite book of the month post I have had to write. April was difficult because I had so many 5 star reads, and I almost couldn’t do one for May and June. I only have one 5 star read for the month of July, and it 100% deserves the title of my favourite book for July.

Without further ado, I present my favourite book for the month of July, Now I Rise by Kiersten White. You can read my review here, but I recommend you read the first book in the trilogy, And I Darken, before reading this one (I’m not linking my review of And I Darken because I’m rather embarrassed of it, but it can still be found on For the Lover of Books if you really want to read it)

Now I Rise

What was the best book you read in the month of July?


2 thoughts on “Favourite Book of the Month: July 2017

  1. That’s great to know you enjoyed this series. I have yet to read them. Also, I can’t do TBR post just like you too because even I don’t know which book I will read next. It’s bad to add to my goodreads as currently reading and then change it to To-Read after 5 min hahaha.. This is a great post to do each month!

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