2018: A Year in Review


2018 was the worst year of my life by a long shot. In my 19 years of life I have never gone through a year that so completely broke me to the extent that this one has. So that means this year I’m not going to do this like I did it last year. I can’t. What I’m going to do this year is look back at all the good stuff that happened to me in 2018, because within a hell of a lot of bad there was also some good I didn’t get to fully appreciate until now. These are also in no particular order.

1. I survived. I was going to make a joke that wasn’t going to translate well to the internet here because that’s how I deal with things, but in all seriousness, as a person with depression surviving this year feels amazing. Everything felt so bleak for so long that I really wasn’t sure I was going to make it, so surviving is worth celebrating.

2. I got accepted for so many amazing and highly anticipated ARCs. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to read the books I did early. I also have so many ARCs I’m dying to read sitting on my phone. With this comes being able to participate in the blog tour for The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, which I read a finished copy for, but I still got to review a book by Kiersten White in a more official capacity. I can’t believe I got to do that.

3. Speaking of exciting bookish community things, I got to be a part of the street team for Ace of Shades. It was so much fun to be a part of the Irons and work with so many amazingly talented people. We may not have won any of the months, but I hope we all at least had fun doing it.

4. I also get to be a part of the street team for The Gilded Wolves. As I’m writing this I just started it last night, and I’m already in love with it (I have seriously only read the prologue at this point). I can’t finish it fast enough, and I can’t wait to get to work promoting it.

5. I got to see Panic! At the Disco in Toronto. Getting into the concert may have been a mess of epic proportions (the band had problems crossing the border, so everything was chaotic), but seeing (them? him? Considering it’s just Brendon Urie and a touring band now, I’m going with him for the rest of this) live was amazing. The version of Golden Days he did made me appreciate the song more, and with the lower tier VIP seat I had I was the closest to the stage I’ve ever been, and it was amazing. Pictures below.


6. I got a job I love. I’m working at my university’s bookstore, and it’s been amazing. My coworkers are fantastic to work with, and I’ve learned so much from being there. Even if I sometimes question the choices of whoever makes the playlist that plays throughout the store, it’s nice to have a job I like going to.

7. I got to see my dad inducted into the communicators portion of the US Harness Racing Hall of Fame. This one has nothing really to do with me, but I’m so proud of him. I would include a picture of my family at the induction ceremony, but we look like we’re barely tolerating each other (which was probably the case).

That’s all I can think of. I’m not sad to see 2018 go, but I hope it was a better year for you. Tell me one good thing that happened to you this year in the comments. I would love the chance to celebrate your happiness.


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