Wilder Girls Book Review

Wilder Girls.jpg

Number of pages:  353

Rating (out of five stars): 4.75

This book! This is the YA horror book I’ve been wanting every time I read YA horror books. It’s suspenseful. It’s creepy. The characters are well done. It’s so easy to suspend disbelief. It’s just so good. If this review is completely awful because I haven’t written a review since *checks unintentionally abandoned blog* July 7th, please take away that I am begging you to pick this one up.

I wasn’t originally going to read Wilder Girls because, as I’ve said on other horror reviews, horror isn’t really my thing. I’ve also been disappointed by really hyped YA horror in the past, so I was highly sceptical of all the Tweets proclaiming their love for Wilder Girls. But then I read Vicky Who Reads’ post and was so intrigued I had to pick it up.

What immediately drew me in Vicky’s post was Rory Power’s writing style. It’s super unique and blunt. I think the shortness of the sentences really helped the book keep its unsettling air and keep my heart pounding.

And it was very unsettling, and I was absolutely hooked. There was one point early on where I actually jumped while reading. The book does a really good job of keeping that unsettling feeling alive for most of the story. There were a handful of moments where it dragged a bit (hence the -0.25 stars), but for the most part this book was creepy from start to finish.

Speaking of the ending, first of all, how dare it end like that. There’s no sequel. Like that’s not allowed. Secondly, it left me with a feeling of unease that lasted a couple of weeks. That’s what I want from horror books. I want some sort of unease to stick with me. Horror’s supposed to scare you and creep you out.

The characters are so well done. They’re messy and complicated, and I felt for them almost immediately. There was also a little bit of an unreliable narrator element with one of POV characters that I though was really interesting. Of the main 3, Reese was probably my favourite. Now that I’m writing this, I’m realizing that her not having a POV works really well with her character. Ugh. This book is sooo well done!

The romance wasn’t really a huge part of the story, but it’s F/F! I believe Reese identifies as queer on the page as well, but don’t quote me on that because I read it a few weeks ago.

Overall, Wilder Girls was a fantastic read, earning it 4.75 stars out of 5.

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