For the Lover of Books is 5!

Hello. Long time, no post. I haven’t been on WordPress since Dec 31st (my Of Curses and Kisses review was scheduled). I’m also (maybe permanently) off Twitter and (definitely temporarily) off Instagram at the moment for mental health reasons, so it’s safe to say I’m not very present online right now.

It’s also safe to say that it’s really weird to celebrate For the Lover of Books turning 5, and not just because the last time I wrote something for this blog it was still 2019. I can’t believe I started this blog 5 years ago.  I started this blog as a fresh start and something to do after finishing grade 10. I wanted to practice my writing. I wanted an outlet for all my strong opinions. And yet this blog gave me so much more than that. I’ve met some incredible people through this blog. I’ve had some incredible opportunities through this blog, from street teams, to reading ARCs, to blog tours, to so much more I’m probably forgetting.

I’m a completely different person from when I started this blog. I was a very angry and lonely person at the end of grade 10. I didn’t know I had depression and social anxiety when I started this blog (though this blog did help me figure that out). Not only am I a much happier person now, but I’ve also (mildly) figured out the mental health stuff (go me!).

But it’s not just my mood that’s changed over 5 years. I graduated high school in the last 5 years. I’m headed into my 4th year of university in September. I’m a legal adult, which I wasn’t when I started this blog. I got my first real job after starting this blog, and now I work at a bookstore (when it can open again and I can sign a new contract). My family has gotten our first dog since I started this blog. I’ve flown overseas and seen the country my grandmother grew up in since I started this blog. There’s probably so much I’m missing, because 5 years is such a long time.

And I’ve been absent for a (long) while and not very active on the platforms I was “on” until recently. And For the Lover of Books is probably still shutting down by the end of the year (if I ever manage to read and review the ARCs I still have to get to), but this blog has been in my life for 5 years, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

So Happy Birthday, For the Lover of Books! There many not be 5 more years in your future, but I’m so incredibly thankful you were there for the last 5.


Because of my lack of online presence, I’m not too up to date on the news, but I do know that Black lives matter regardless of if it’s a trending topic. Here’s a resource that will take you to ways to help the cause, because we need to do better. To my fellow Canadians, please know that racism is a big problem here too, and it always has been. To my fellow white people, please learn, watch and listen, and keep doing that for the rest of your life, but absolutely do not ask Black people to educate you. If you have access to this blog, you have access to Google.

Trans lives (and especially Black trans lives) also matter, regardless of what a popular children’s book author has to say about it. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. People of other identities that fall under the trans umbrella are exactly who they say they are. End of discussion.

If you’re still online places, please keep sharing resources on social media if you can. If you’re not (like me), please continue to educate yourself. We’re never done learning.

Take care of yourselves,

Moira ❤


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