Ruthless Gods ARC Review

Ruthless Gods

Number of pages: 544

Rating (out of five stars): 4.5 stars

Release Date: April 7th, 2020

*Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing a copy in exchange for a review. My opinions are honest and my own.

You know your review is late when you finished the book you had an ARC of by reading the Owlcrate special edition that sat at your parents’ house for months. Yikes. It’s also been so long since I’ve written a review that I’ve forgotten how to write them, so we’ll see how this goes.

Ruthless Gods is very different from Wicked Saints, which I can say with confidence despite remembering nothing about Wicked Saints. Ruthless Gods is a lot slower than Wicked Saints. Both still made my heart pound, but Ruthless Gods was more that quiet kind of addicting where you’re not desperate to keep reading, but your thoughts keep travelling back to thinking about the book, and I love books like that.

I also kind of love that I have so many questions still. There are things brought up that we never fully get answers to, and it’s making me desperate for book 3. In fact, the withholding of information was just as well done as the reveals and betrayals, and both were excellent.

Something else that is so well done about Ruthless Gods is the magic system. It’s so interesting and compllex (content warnings for self-harm and eye horror. Read with caution). On top of the magic system being so fascinating, the world-building in this series continues to be incredible. Kalyazin and Tranavia feel like they could be real places (though I’m not sure you would want to visit).

The cast grows a little in Ruthless Gods, but all the characters still feel developed and like they’re their own people. I especially like learning more about Parijahan (I’ve heard in passing there are some problems with the rep in relation to the Akolans in the first book, but I can’t personally speak on it), and meeting Katya was so much fun.

Speaking of the characters, I really like the main romance, and I feel very guilty about it. This is an enemies to lovers romance, and it’s not healthy (aka don’t try this at home kids), but I am very invested in it. There’s also another relationship in Ruthless Gods I’m really happy about, but I’m not sure I would call that one healthy either. It does have some really sweet moments, though.

The end of Ruthless Gods gave me chills, and then later that night I had nightmares. Ruthless Gods leans harder into the horror than Wicked Saints, so be warned. Also, here’s another warning that if eye stuff bothers you, I don’t recommend reading this book. It’s very unsettling.

Overall, I really enjoyed Ruthless Gods, earning it 4.5 stars out of 5.

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