Disney Princess Hair Tag

So I was tagged in this way back in August 2018, and I’m finally getting to it now. I feel ashamed. Thank you to Mandy from Book Princess Reviews, co-creator of this tag for tagging me! I swear one day I will be caught up on all the tags I have to do.

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BPR1.pngImage result for mulan flower comb The Devouring Gray

Hair: This might be a weird one since she isn’t really known for it, but I always loved the flower comb Mulan wore.

Book: Orpheus from The Devouring Gray is such a good kitty sidekick.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Change

Image result for rapunzel tangled hair  King of Fools

Hair: Going from all that (gestures towards picture of Rapunzel) to short brown hair is a pretty big change.

Book: I’m still not over the end of King of Fools. Nobody touch me.

Image result for meg hercules  A Crown of Wishes

Hair: Before Mandy kills me, I know Meg isn’t a princess, but Hercules is one of my favourite Disney movies (I have always been a mythology nerd) so I’m breaking the rules. Also, just look at her hair! How can you not think it’s cool?

Book: Roshani Chokshi’s writing is absolutely gorgeous. It’s on a level I aspire to, but will never be able to reach.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Bounce 2.png

Image result for ariel disney   Furyborn

Hair: I’m not entirely sure I understand what this means, so I’m stealing Mandy’s answer. Also, didn’t Ariel twirl her hair around a fork and have it bounce back, or am I imagining things?

Book: The two POVs in Furyborn are set 1000 years apart (which raises some logistical issues the further you get into the book).

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Braid

Image result for elsa disney  Wicked Saints_Cover FINAL

Hair: Realistically, I would probably say Rapunzel for this one too, but I’m trying to not repeat princesses and books. I do really want to know how Elsa got her hair to do whatever is happening on top of her head, and how she gets her braid to stay with no hair elastic.

Book: Maybe Wicked Saints? Nadya and Serefin do start in very different places, but come together in the end.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Short.png

Image result for cinderella disney  43822994

Hair: I kind of like Cinderella’s hair when it’s down.

Book: Using a novella feels like cheating, but As Kismet Would Have It was really cute.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Half

Image result for belle disney    Slayer

Hair: I was so incredibly jealous of Belle’s hair when I was younger. I tried so hard to figure out how to replicate the hair she has in the picture.

Book: Artemis in Slayer was such a complex character, but for me that meant half the time I wanted to strangle her, and half the time I wanted to give her a hug.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Medium.png

Image result for anna frozen 2 hair  42249721

Hair: I didn’t even like Frozen (it was okay, and then Let It Go played everywhere for an eternity), but I  still watched the Frozen 2 trailer anyway and I love Anna’s hair down.

Book: The last book I gave 3 stars was Girls of Paper and Fire, but that’s mostly because I don’t think the audiobook worked well for this particular story.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Bangs.png

Crown of Feathers

Hair: I don’t have an answer for this one.

Book: Look at the Crown of Feathers cover, then look me in the eye and tell me that it doesn’t catch your eye.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Long.png

Image result for moana

Hair: I love how realistic Moana’s hair looks.

Book: I’m so upset I have to repeat books, but King of Fools is the longest book I’ve read this year at 602 pages.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Pony.png

Image result for jasmine  crooked-kingdom

Hair: Jasmine was my favourite Disney princess growing up, and her hair is so pretty.

Book: Crooked Kingdom has POV chapters from all 6 main characters.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Straight.png

Image result for pocahontas disney  the gilded wolves

Hair: I never watched Pocahontas as a kid, but her hair is certainly very straight.

Book: I miss my nerds trying their best so much.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Curls.png

Image result for merida brave  City of Brass

Hair: Merida!

Book: I remember The City of Brass having a bunch of twists and turns. I need to get to the sequel ASAP.

Disney Hair Tag Prompts - Close

IMG_7021Under Rose-Tainted Skies

Hair: I’m torn between saying Merida (I can get my hair to look pretty close to her’s if I mess mine up a little) and Moana (I relate to the frizzy, wavy/curly-ness)

Book: I relate to a lot of mental health books, but Under Rose-Tainted Skies is one I remember really strongly relating to. I’d also say one of the books I’m currently reading, The Storm Crow, but I’m not very far in yet.

I’m going to break another rule and not really tag anyone. If you like being tagged in tags, please let me know so I can tag you in thing in the future. If you’re reading this and liked this tag, consider yourself tagged.


FIFA World Cup Book Tag

Before anyone says anything, I know I’m late doing this (but early if we’re taking about the 2019 Women’s World Cup). Things got crazy for a while, and then this suddenly became my only blog post idea. I’ve also been both mentally and physically ill this week, so that’s been fun (depression and a cold don’t mix well when you’re trying to be productive). Anyway, I’m a soccer fan (though I only actively watch it during the World Cup), and I used to play soccer when I was younger (I played house league, and I was the world’s most out of shape midfielder), so this tag feels perfect for me. Thank you to Mandy from Book Princess Reviews for tagging me. If you haven’t visited her blog before, I suggest you rectify that immediately and maybe give her a follow. You can read her answers here.


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  •  Have fun!

Let the Flags Fly

Wave them high and proudly!!! Look at all the fun colors!!!
A Book from your World Cup  Competing Country/ the Country that You Want to Win!

Born a Crime

Canada is awful at men’s soccer, so when I was 11 (during the 2010 World Cup) I picked 4 teams to cheer for. I know 4 teams is ridiculous, but I clearly didn’t understand that at 11, and I still go for them all in the World Cup (if they make it). My teams are Brazil, Germany, Greece, and South Africa, and while only Brazil and Germany were in it this year, I’m still saying a book from South Africa counts for this question.

It’s The Beautiful Game

Football! Soccer! Beautiful! Whatever you call it!
A book with a pretty cover / A book that features soccer.

Brave Enough

Just look at this cover and try to tell me you don’t want it on your shelves. I’m not a person who buys books because of the cover (I’m more intrigued by titles than covers), so luckily I’ve already read and enjoyed this one.

Ferocious Fans

Face paint! Big signs! Lots of noise!
Name a fandom you love being a part of!

I’m not really a person who is actively a part of any fandoms, but I always enjoy seeing Grishaverse stuff float around the internet.

Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork!

There is no way one person can win the game!
Name your Favorite Bookish Crew / A Book that has Co-Authors!

Beneath the Citadel

I’m going to pretend I’m not aloud to say Six of Crows for this, and I’m going to go with the group in Beneath the Citadel. They all worked so well together.

Ref Blows the Whistle

You either love him or you hate him.
Name a book/character that you mixed feelings towards!

Shadow and Bone

Genya (I hope I spelled that right) from Shadow and Bone. I haven’t read the rest of the series yet, but I liked her throughout most of the book, and then she did a bad thing at the end. I don’t know how to feel about her now.


Everyone loses their heads and starts yelling at the top of their lungs!
Name your last 5 star read!

Bright We Burn

The Gold Cup

It’s what we play for.
The Most Coveted/Loved Book On Your Shelf

Ruling Passion

I’m going to take most loved to mean most destroyed and go with Ruling Passion. While it isn’t a favourite anymore, it was a favourite years ago. That means I’ve read the 3 books contained in this bind-up 6+ times, and the spine is completely destroyed.

I’m never sure who to tag, so if you’re reading this and interested in doing it, consider yourself tagged.

Underrated Female Hero Tag

Thank you to Mandy from Book Princess Reviews for tagging me. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you should definitely rectify that and go give her a follow. You can check out her answers here.


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  • Answer the questions.
  • Choose female characters from books, movies, TV, anime, Webtoons, etc.
  • Tag as many people as you want, but at least one person.
  • Have fun!

1. Name a heroine you like, but whom you feel is always overshadowed by the male characters in the story.

I don’t really have one for this. The only books I can think of is where the protagonist is male, but that doesn’t seem fair since the book is supposed to be about them.

2. For that matter, name a heroine whom you feel is always overshadowed by the other female characters in the story.

Daughter of the Burning City

Venera from Daughter of the Burning City. I loved her despite how little she was actually in the book.

3. Name a character who had potential but was greatly underutilized in her story.

Reign of the Fallen

I went into Reign of the Fallen looking for necromancers going on adventures, and what I got was not much of anything. Odessa had so much potential, but she doesn’t end up doing much.

4. Name a female character who you either find better in her book than her movie, find better in her movie than her book, or whose portrayals you find equal.

I don’t really have one for this question either. All of the book to movie adaptations I’ve actually read the book for I either watched years ago, or I don’t really remember the book.

5. Name a character who you want more backstory on.

six-of-crowsI really want a book where Inej sails around killing sex traffickers.

6. Name a character with traits you feel are sadly overlooked by everyone.


I feel like Nazira’s resilience is totally overlooked. She goes through so much throughout the series, and I feel like she’s underappreciated .

7. Name a morally grey character. (Villain or anti hero!)

The Young ElitesI couldn’t not pick Adelina.

8. A character you’re stunned isn’t more famous.

Sky in the Deep

Eelyn from Sky in the Deep. This book was (deservedly) so hyped before it came out, and now I never see it anywhere.

9. A character from a piece of fiction you’re amazed isn’t more famous.

I don’t really have an answer for this at the moment.

I’m never sure who to tag, so if this tag interests you consider yourself tagged.

Egyptian Mythology Book Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Mandy from Book Princess Reviews. If you haven’t already checked out her blog you should definitely rectify that. You can see her answers here.

The Rules:

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  • Obviously, come up with your wonderful answers!
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Ra is the falcon-headed sun god, the creator and he named five of his fellow gods.

Aspen from Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. I really hated him, but he was constantly controlling everyone around him with his powers.

Sobek (1).png


Osiris is the god of death, farming, and vegetation.

I’m going to go with Xanthus from Blood and Sand for this one. Thinking about this makes me sad, so I’m going to move on to the next question



Isis is the goddess of magic and fertility, as well as being the mother goddess.

Rielle from Furyborn. I think having every kind of power makes her the perfect answer for this question.



Anubis took over as guardian of the underworld from his father, so he is the god of the afterlife and death.

Because this is a super spoilery, I’m just going to leave the book cover here.




Set is the god of darkness, chaos, and storms.

I don’t really have a good answer for this one. Kaz?



Hathor is the cow goddess of motherhood, joy, happiness, music, and love.

Six of Crows pillow

This isn’t a particularly happy or inspirational quote, but I love Kaz and Inej so much that it brings a smile to my face whenever I see it. (This tag has been really Six of Crows centric, so I’m going to avoid using it for the rest of the questions)



Neith is the goddess of the hunt, wisdom, weaving, and battle.

I have no idea why, but the first character that came to mind was Lada from And I Darken. I think I’m just curious as to what she would even say.




Ma’at is the goddess of truth, harmony, and justice.


All the dragon murders in The Last Namsara.



Horus is the god of light and the sky, as well as the god of the Pharaohs.

From Twinkle, With Love



Thoth is the god of wisdom, writing, magic and the moon.

All of Roshani Chokshi’s books.



Ptah is the creator and craftsman of the gods.


It’s hard to chose one book for this, but I’m going with Sky in the Deep.



Khonsu is the god of time and the moon.


Okay, so I’m going to talk about Six of Crows again. I was super depressed when I first read Six of Crows, so I would love to be able to read it for the first time while not super depressed.



Sobek is the god of the Nile and water.

Why would you make me choose? Maybe my signed copy of And I Darken. I waited for 4 years to meet Kiersten White.

Tagging people makes me super anxious, so if you like doing tags please let me know. And please do this tag if it interests you.



The X-Files Book Tag

Thank you to Mandy from Book Princess Reviews for tagging me in this. It’s such an interesting tag. If you didn’t already know about her blog you should definitely check it out. I don’t watch The X-Files, so I don’t actually know what most of this refers to, but the tag must go on.

The Rules:

  • Take out your fake FBI badge and answer the questions
  • You can link back to Book Princess Reviews if you wish, so I can fangirl all over your posts
  • Keep the alien love alive possibly and tag any and all X-Files fans you know…or just other people – either or?

Fox Mulder

Fox is known to have some “out there” beliefs, so name a book that you believe in despite everyone/ratings/reviews tell you perhaps isn’t that great

The Star-Touched Queen

I’m going with The Star-Touched Queen for this one because it is the book on my favourites shelf that has the lowest average rating on Goodreads.

Dana Scully 

Just like the resident FBI skeptic, name a book that you’re skeptical of (because of hype, sketchy cover, etc.)

A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir. It’s not that I’m really skeptical of it, but I’ve just lost interest in this series. I’ve pre-ordered this for some reason, but I’m not optimistic it will get me interested in the series again.

I Want to Believe

What book do you believe, just like the  famous tagline, will be your next 5 star/crown read off of your TBR?

Bright We Burn by Kiersten White. I have given all of the previous books 5 stars, and Kiersten White is one of my auto-buy authors.


Name a book on your TBR that is from a genre that seems out from another book world to you but still sounds super good.

Born a Crime

I don’t tend to read about real people, but Born A Crime interests me because my grandmother is South African and I like learning about where she grew up. I’m also hoping it shows apartheid from a different perspective than the other sources I have read (ex. Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela) have presented.

The Lone Gunmen

Name a book that comes along with an epic team just like these three hacking men


It’s difficult to not think of the main six (I never know what to call them) from Six of Crows when you think of epic teams.

Walter Skinner

Skinner is the boss that forever teeters on the edge of good and evil, so name a conflicting character for you (whether the character is just conflicted or you’re conflicted about your feelings for them)

Sky in the Deep

Eelyn form Sky in the Deep is very conflicted because she is forced to question everything she has believed for her entire life.

Cancer Man/ Cigarette Smoking Man

Name the worst book villain you can think of just like this smoking fiend who refuses to stay dead

I really can’t think of a bad villain right now. Let me know who you would say for this one in the comments.

Join the FBI tag team!

Do you like tags? Pretend I tagged you and do this tag. If you don’t mind being tagged for things, please do let me know.


Disney Song Book Tag

Old Disney songs are the best. I used to have a compilation album of Disney songs that had song like “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” and “Kiss the Girl” (these are the only ones I remember for sure being on there). Thank you to Mandy from Book Princess Reviews for tagging me. This tag was created by BrunetteBibliophile.

Part of Your World- What book world would you change yourself for so you could be a part of that world? 

I’m assuming this is asking what book world you would want to be a part of, but it’s worded really weirdly. I never know how to answer this question because so many of the books I read have gruesome backdrops. I’m going to go with my usual answer of Weep from Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. Feel free to tell me if I completely misinterpreted this question.

Let It Go- What book did you not want to finish because you loved it so much?

Six of Crows, hands down. Though I still think about it almost daily despite having read it over a year ago, I never wanted to finish it. It was helping me through a bad time, and I was a little terrified that it would end badly.

Beauty and the Beast- What book do you think is/will be timeless?

The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give deserves to remain timeless. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you rectify that.

So This is Love- What book were you hesitant to read at first but ended up loving?


Six of Crows and THUG fit this one too, since I was convinced I wouldn’t like them, but I’m going to go with Geeekerella for this one. Contemporary book really aren’t my thing, but I loved Geekerella. It was so cute and sweet.

Friend Like Me- Which character would you like to be your best friend?

Exit, Pursued By a Bear

Polly from Exit, Pursued by a Bear. She really shows what an amazing friend she is for Hermione, and I kind of need that in my life.

Reflection- What book really made you think/changed the way you viewed things?

Words on Bathroom Walls

There are so many books I could have picked for this, but I try to not repeat books within the same tag, so I’m going with Words on Bathroom Walls. I don’t struggle with schizophrenia, so this book really opened my eyes to what struggling with it is like.

Colors of the Wind- Who do you tag?

I’m not tagging anyone because it makes me super anxious. If you like to be tagged for things please let me know. It would help me actually be able to tag people and spread the tags around.

On a completely unrelated note, I really want to do a Q&A for my birthday tomorrow, so if you have any questions for me (they don’t have to be book or blogging related), please leave them in the comments of THIS post. So far I only have one question from Twitter.

The Sunshine Blogger Award


Thank you to Kay Wisteria from Hammock of Books for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Sorry for taking so long to get to it. You should definitely go check out her blog.


  • Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog.


  1. What is your favorite type of book blog post?

If you had asked me this when I first started my blog, I would have said reviews, but people change in 3 years. Now I think my favourite book-related post to write is when I compare songs I listen to and songs in my iTunes to books I’ve read.

  1. What is your favorite classic?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It’s the only classic I’ve given a positive rating to.

  1. Who are some of your OTP’s?

Kaz and Inej, Vikram and Gauri, Eelyn and Fiske.

  1. If you could live in any book world, what would it be?

This is always a hard question for me because most of my favourite books are set in very dangerous places. I think I’m going to go with Weep from Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. It seems safe enough.

  1. If you could have any magic power/superpower/cool ability from a book character, what would it be?

This is probably going to sound lame, but I would want to be able to do acrobatics like Inej.

  1. What is your favorite Disney movie?

I don’t really know anymore. I used to always use my childhood favourites of Tarzan and Hercules for this question, but I haven’t watched a Disney movie in a long time.

  1. Where is your favorite place to read?

In my bed, which is also where I write all my blog posts.

  1. What is your favorite book read in 2018 so far?

Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young.

  1. What are your thoughts on love triangles?

Love triangles are sometimes okay, but they are normally useless.

  1. What are some of your all-time favorites?


  1. What book would you rewrite the ending to and why?

I don’t think there is a book I would rewrite the ending to.

Tagging people gives me a lot of anxiety, so I’m not going to be nominating others and coming up with questions. If you don’t mind being tagged for things, please do let me know. It will help to know that you are okay with being tagged.

Ace of Shades Book Tag (Irons Version)

So I should be studying for my advanced Calculus midterm, but the Irons only have a few days left to earn points for this round, so I have to do this now. This tag was originally created by Min from Min and Her Books for the Doves, and question 4 was modified for the Irons by Amber from The Literary Pheonix, who also tagged me. Well without further ado, let’s get on with the tag!

Ace of Shades takes place in the very mysterious, very dangerous City of Sin. Name a fictional city with a personality of it’s own!

Weep from Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. A city that had its name stolen previously plagued by gods certainly has quite the personality.

The City of Sin is home to three ruthless gangs: the Irons, the Scarhands and the Doves. Tell us about your favorite fictional criminal family/gang!

I never know what I’m supposed to call them, but the main six from Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. I love them all so much and still think of them often despite having read Six of Crows a year ago.

Enne and Levi are about to be thrown into a deadly game… Name your favorite book in which the characters must play with, and for, their lives.

This is kind of cheating, since they’re playing for a wish rather than their lives, but I’m going to go with A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi.

The Irons are a gang of cheats… What is your favorite character that tricks and sneaks around in order to get what they need?

Nahri from The City of the Brass by S. A. Chakraborty starts the book as a con woman.

The City of Sin is full of people with dark and complicated pasts. Name one book or book series you used to like, but don’t anymore.

Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey. I tried to re-read it last year and it really wasn’t as good as grade 8 me remembered.

With complicated pasts abound, we can find many… burnt cinnamon rolls, so to speak. Name a character that has prickly and tough exterior, but is actually a sweetheart deep down!

Eelyn from Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young. That’s all I’ll say, since the book isn’t out for a few months.

Not only anti-heroes live in the Ace of Shades world! In New Reynes, one can find plenty of villains as well. Which bookish character do you just love to hate?

I hated Mehmed in Now I Rise by Kiersten White.

You, much like our main character Enne’s mother, went missing in the City of Sin. The main character from the last book you read is the one looking for you… How screwed are you?

By a single day, Sorina from Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody is the main character looking for me rather than Eelyn from Sky in the Deep. Sorina doesn’t seem to be very good at uncovering mysteries, so I’m not sure how I’ll fair.

That’s it for the Irons version of the Ace of Shades book tag. I don’t know which Irons haven’t been tagged yet, so I’m not explicitly tagging anyone. Feel free to do this tag if it interests you, whether or not you’re an Iron. Also, click over to the Irons Blog to see the other Irons’ answer.

Books and Music Tag

Thank you to Mandy from Book Princess Reviews for tagging me. If you don’t already follow her, click her blog’s name to go check out her blog and give her a follow. She’s constantly posting reviews, tags, weekly memes, and her own series called The Princess Read every Saturday. If you have ever wondered what your favourite Disney princess would read, it’s the series for you.


  • Tag the creator of this tag (Debbie @ Debbie’s Library) and the person who tagged you
  • Pick 5 songs (or more) that you just have to listen to whenever they are played
  • Pick the books or characters that you think fit that song the best, and explain why you picked those books or characters
  • Tag some friends

Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons

Rachelle from Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge fits this song pretty well I think. Throughout the novel she struggles to hold on to her humanity. She also struggles with loneliness and forgiving herself for the horrible wrongs she has committed to stay alive.

The Take Over, The Break’s Over by Fall Out Boy

I almost went with the Dregs (Six of Crows) for this one, but I think Lada from And I Darken and Now I Rise by Kiersten White fits this one a bit better, especially with lyrics like “we don’t fight fair” and “don’t pretend you’ll ever forget about me”. Lada is going to rule no matter what she has to do to get there.

Your Obedient Servant from Hamilton

In The Rose Society by Marie Lu, Adelina really starts to become the anti-hero she’s meant to be, just like Burr in this song.

Counting Stars by One Republic

Weirdly enough, I think this one fits Amar’s perspective in The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi well. I think it’s hard to really explain this one unless you’ve read it.

Say Goodbye by Green Day

This song has the same “Let’s destroy the corrupt government” vibes I get from Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. I also think it fits what we see of Ketterdam well.

I’m not going to tag anyone because I’m writing this the night before I leave for South Africa for 3 weeks, so I’m a bit out of it, but if you want to do this fun little tag, please consider yourself tagged.

Do you agree or disagree with my reasoning? If you disagree, what book do you think fits that song better? Do you listen to any of the songs listed?

Fight Like A YA Girl Tag

Thank you to Mandy from Book Princess Reviews for tagging me. If you don’t already follow her, click her blog’s name to go check out her blog and give her a follow. She’s constantly posting reviews, tags, weekly memes, and her own series called The Princess Read every Saturday. If you have ever wondered what your favourite Disney princess would read, it’s the series for you.


  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Mention the creator Krysti at YA and Wine
  • Match at least one YA girl with each of the themes below.
  • Tag as many people as you like!


A Crown of Wishes

Guari from A Crown of Wishes


These Shallow Graves

Jo from These Shallow Graves


The Wrath and The Dawn

Shazi from The Wrath and the Dawn


Crimson Bound

Rachelle from Crimson Bound


An Ember in the Ashes

Laia from An Ember in the Ashes (I would put more, but I’m trying not to repeat characters)


Dark Triumph

Sybella from Dark Triumph



Inej from Six of Crows


And I Darken

Lada from And I Darken



Ashline from Wildefire


The Hate U Give

Starr from The Hate U Give


Stitching Snow

Essie from Stitching Snow

Some of these are popular books, but I tried to put some lesser known books on here as well. There are so many other girls I would put here, but I wanted to keep it to one girl per statement (I’m apparently very lazy).

I Tag:

Aditi from Readers Rule

Marie from Marie’s Library

Kyla from Seelie Pages

I just went through the people I follow and picked some people, so if you don’t see your blog here and want to do this tag, I officially tag you.

Do you like tags? I created a tag a while ago, and as far as I know no one has actually done it. If you are interested, click here to check it out.

Edit: I forgot a question, so I’ll answer it here. My most anticipated release with a strong female character is Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao.